Kartel Launches New Marketing & Promotions Division


Kartel Music Group is proud to announce the expansion of our Marketing & Promotions division, designed to offer a tailor-made hybrid of services including online PR, press, radio, digital media & content services.

The new team comprises; Head of Press – Joly Checketts (previously, Head of Press at Propeller Recordings, Campaign Manager at Charmfactory), Head of Radio – Tom Poole (former Radio Plugger at Hesso Media), Promotions Manager – Josh Byrne (ex. 9PR) and Social Media & Content Manager – Michael Mavor.

Kartel CEO Charles Kirby-Welch says; “Sustaining engaging campaigns can be a challenge for independent artists and labels. At Kartel we hold dear the value of a passionate team who are truly invested in an artist. Our understanding of the commercial landscape surrounding recorded music gives us a unique insight into our approach to promotions and marketing.  We are incredibly excited to welcome such a talented team to the company to support our artist and label partners creating impactful and sustainable promotions campaigns that can build careers.”

The expansion of Kartel’s in-house promotions and marketing team is a natural extension of our wider Artist & Label Services offering.  We are excited to bring a dynamic range of promotions capability to both Kartel’s own artist and label clients as well as the wider industry.

For all enquiries please contact: social@kartelmusicgroup.com

Read more about the announcement over at Music Business Worldwide here: bit.ly/2zLAAiC

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