Artist Intro | Lontalius


With influences ranging from REM, to Frank Ocean, to U2 - New Zealand based alt pop songwriter and producer Lontalius’ forthcoming sophomore album ‘All I Have’ was released on October 4th 2019.

Otherwise known as Eddie Johnston, Lontalius cites the ‘All I Have’ journey as starting with time spent in Los Angeles where he worked alongside the Grammy Award winning Om’Mas Keith (Frank Ocean, Erykah Badu, John Legend) whilst pursuing songwriting opportunities.

His first full length ‘I’ll Forget 17’ was released in 2016, but Johnston has been writing songs since he was just eleven years old and for a period during his high school years became best known in the annals of the internet for uploading unique and mellow covers of mainstream hip-hop and R&B covers to Soundcloud.

Speaking of his hopes for the deeply personal forthcoming release ‘All I Have’, Johnstone says: “My ideal listener is the same kind of person I was at 15. Hearing Drake in my bedroom was very affecting for me as a teenager. I want someone to hear my music at 3am and feel something. I've grown so much as a songwriter and producer. This album serves as proof of where I am now.”

Listen to or purchase your very own copy of ‘All I Have’ here; watch the enchanting video for his latest single release ‘Swim’ below; and keep up to date with all things Lontalius via his Instagram.